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May 2024


          As another SICE season fades into history, we can happily reflect on how successful it was from the “Feast of the Seven Fishes” to a Maserati demonstration, a lecture on iconic Italian styles, a costuming presentation courtesy of the Sarasota Opera, three varied genres of Italian Cinema and the ongoing work of our Disbursement Committee.  This year alone, thanks to you, our loyal supporters, SICE donated $10,500 toward student scholarship and travel abroad assistance, supplementing our $1,000 donation to the Sarasota Ballet and our annual $3,000 donation to the Sarasota Opera in appreciation of their roles as purveyors of Italian culture.

          Now, as we look ahead to next season, we have much more excitement in store for you.  With Sicily as its predominant theme, SICE plans to host a Wine Tasting Event at Total Wine in November and an authentic Sicilian Dinner at Café Amici in December. The Winter months of 2025 will highlight the work of the librettist in Leoncavallo’s “Cavelleria Rusticana” along with the usual complement of singers from the Sarasota Opera.  The popular film program will underscore the many aspects of Sicilian life from the romantic comedy, “IL Postino,” through the dark satire, “Seduced and Abandoned,” and finally to the vendetta-laced melodrama, “The Sicilian Girl,” based on the true story of a teenager determined to avenge the gangland slayings of her father and brother through the Sicilian legal system, a recipe fraught with intrinsic disaster.  We would be woefully lost without Rosanne’s annual lecture, so she has decided to concentrate on Sicily’s legacy in art, architecture and culture.  Shortly thereafter, in the Spring, our year-end luncheon will serve as a prelude to the Sicilian Legacy Trip planned for May 2025.


         As you can see, your newly-elected Board looks forward to another inspiring year for all of you, and our enthusiasm and innovativeness simply refuse to let up.  Imagine that!  Now, over the Summer, please be sure to check our website ( ) to register for these events and to renew your annual membership.


        Until we meet again next season, buona estate circondata da amici e persone care.

Con affetto,

Joe Morra, SICE President

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